I actually had a guy named drew ( comment about me not updating. So what? So I haven’t used this thing since May. I knew I would fail at this like everything else I try. I am good for noth . . .

Enough of that. 🙂

Anyway, I just launched a new blogger that is easier to use than ever and I should be able to use it (easily) from anywhere (home, work, in car, on plane, well not on plane, but you get it), hopefully allowing me to update it much easier and with a whoooole lot less hassle. I always forget to update, so I’ll be making a appointment in my calendar when I get back to work to remind me to blog every day.

So, what’s new you ask?

Just got back from a vacation/family wedding in San Francisco. Super fun time. Check out the pics I took around San Fran and at the wedding!

Also, looking to move to a new, bigger house here in Noblesville, so if you want a GREAT starter home in Noblesville, let me know. We have worked our tails off to get the place looking top notch, so if we don’t sell, we’re still happy!

That’ll do for now.


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