Two in a row!

Believe it or not, this makes 2 (two) posts in 2 (two) days. I’m blogging like I’m Doug Meade over here. Still on vacation, still enjoying myself immensely having nothing to do AT ALL. Nothing better than an agenda-less few days.

I’ve been studying a new technique for Bass Playing that was pioneered by Victor Wooten. He has incredible speed and I’m looking to integrate some of his style with my technique. You should check out some of his work ifi you get time and enjoy high-quality bass playing.

You can check out his tracks on my jukebox site. They’re in there somewhere, but I don’t think that I categorized them properly upon insert, so they may be tough to find. My jukebox runs on NetJuke, which is of course backed by php,mysql,apache, etc.

Let me know if you use it and have issues.


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