Ah, old home sweet old home.

Well, the wife and I are staying the night at my parent’s house this evening. We had a birthday party tonight and a birthday party tomorrow. Can’t beat that for a good time. We had a nice time at the birthday party today, had a blast tonight playing SceneIt (http://www.sceneit.com/) and euchre. I highly recommed SceneIt if you’ve never play/heard of it. It’s super fun and always some laughs.

So, my Mom and Dad sold their first (and only) brand new car today. It was a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity station wagon, silver. We called it “The Silver Bullet” (sorry Coors :-)). I went to the dealer that they traded it in to and got a couple of last pictures with this car. (http://photoalbum.theheacocks.com/thumbnails.php?album=71) It was the first car that I had after I got my license, and then became my sister’s first car after that. We did some quick math and realized that my parents had owned that car for nineteen years. (Wow, I’m old.)

Anyway, if anyone is looking for a legacy of a car, call East End Motors in Martinsville, IN. Ask for “The Silver Bullet”.


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