Half-way to Friday!

Yay for me! Made it over the halfway point and I’m ready for another weekend.

The blog here has been having some RSS problems that were related to the .NET framework on the client machine not accepting the “Last-Modified” header without a dash. Irregardless, the error in the code has been fixed, and the RSS feeds are now working like a champ in every RSS app I can test. 🙂 So, syndicate my blog, and you too can have all the latest updates.

Just checked my web logging reports and discovered that I’ve pushed 19.5GB (That’s not a typo, almost 20 gigabytes) of data out on my website this month. That’s crazy! Escpecially when you realize that a year ago it was 1.3GB.

So, thanks for visiting and taking my bandwidth . . . jerks. Seriously though. Keep coming back, and I’ll keep doing fun stuff. Or at least I’ll keep blogging.

My buddy Andy (the guy who’s contributed all these nice time-wasters) is coming for a visit in a couple weeks. If anyone local to Indianapolis has any good ideas on fun stuff to do (local to Indianapolis), comment here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    Hang out with Chris and Jaime!

  2. Chris says:

    That’s no fun, trust me. 😉

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