I know, I know . . .

Without question, nine days is a little too long for a blog posting. But, Andy was in this last weekend, and I’ve been generally pretty busy, so tough.

Anyway, I come bearing gifts. Check this guy out: http://www.bikerfox.com/foxphotos2/ He calls himself the “BikerFox” and he appears to be a real party animal. If you check out his homepage he has some videos of high school cheerleaders doing some dances at a Basketball game (cue the cuckoo clock) as well as a couple of parties that he was hired to perform.

You can also see a few pictures that were taken during Andy’s trip here on the photoalbum site (http://photoalbum.theheacocks.com). We didn’t take too many photos of each other, Andy snapped a couple of my wife and I, but we went to a family cookout and those pictures turned out pretty well. There’s one picture of four ladies that represent four generations of family. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I’m not dead, and plan to get back into the swing of things. Keep on checking/commenting. It helps remind me to blog. 😉


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