Still alive!

Sorry about the lack of posting, but I have been in hiding, preparing to move myself and my family to Canada in the event that John “Can’t-play-sports-but-very-good-at-pandering” Kerry is elected President. But, alas, we have elected a president that is commited to America, and winning the war on terror.

Also, Mitch Daniels (R) won here in Indiana which will hopefully usher in a whole new era of job creation and governmental change. After the run of Democratic pseudo-leadership here, we Hoosiers are ready for a breath of new life into our little Midwest haven.

Don’t know what news sites you use regularly, but I’m a big fan of Drudge Report ( I know that he can be partisan, but he called the election for Bush last night at 11:30PM, and he was right. Great site, and he had more traffic yesterday than in the entire history of the site.

This is only my second time voting, but I can tell you that it feels pretty good knowing that I am one of the ~3.5M people that gave Bush a lead. Sure, there are a ton a people that add up to the mandate, but it would have been one less without my vote, and it goes to show that a single vote can make a difference.

If you didn’t vote this year, I encourage you to vote in the next election. If nothing else, it gives you a right to complain/take a stance on the political forecast.

Anyway, W04, W00t.


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