Twice in one day?!

You got it. Twice in one day.

So, my prior post wasn’t completely true. I actually have been completely lacking in the blog department, but who can blame me. With the holiday season and my newfound hobby, I have been spending more time than ever away from a computer.

About the hobby, I now have 4 planes that are flight ready, 1 in a rebuild stage, and 3 on deck.

The 3 on deck are going to be R/C combat planes. Tiny engines, servos, receivers and an airfoil designed to be effective in tight spaces. Definitely looking forward to getting these guys airborne. It seems that everything is more fun when you other people to interact with.

I’ll be getting some pictures of my aircraft the next time I’m at the field and remember to take the digicam. If you’re interested in the hobby, comment and I would love to chat about it. I’m kind of a dork that way. 🙂

Also, with the new look and feel, I am maintaining a links section. I plan to rework my main site and try to make the whole thing a lot more blog friendly. To be honest, so much of that content has gotten dusty and needs to be done away with.

But, I plan to bring back the work webcam, which I’m sure everyone has sorely missed over the last few months. With the return on one of my former associates to Thomson, the drive to “nerd-out” at work is as strong as it ever was.


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