Another gift from Andy

Here’s a jewel from Andy:

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I think it really adds to the effect…

Aeronautical Systems Center’s Major Shared Resource Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base announced on April 25 the installation of the newest and most powerful supercomputer in the Department of Defense.

The supercomputer arrived at the ASC MSRC in March and is entering its initial 30-day test period. It expands the center’s capability to more than 4,100 processors spread across five separate shared memory systems.

Awarded on behalf of the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program, the 2,048-processor SGI Altix supercomputer will aid weapon systems design of innovative materials, advance design concepts, improve and speed modification programs, increase high fidelity simulations and enable more efficient tests and evaluations.

Named “Eagle” the supercomputer consists of a total of 41 racks with over 1,400 interconnecting cables. The increased performance and scalability will help put advanced technology in the hands of U.S. forces more quickly, less expensively and with greater certainty of success.

Created as part of DoD’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program, the ASC MSRC is one of four MSRC sites in the DoD. Servicing more than 1,000 researchers throughout the DoD, the ASC MSRC supports DoD research, development, and test and evaluation communities with high performance computing and visualization resources.


This system provides the technology that will enable significant engineering and scientific breakthroughs for the engineers, scientists, and researchers that utilize the MSRC’s full service offerings. It will also help in addressing the next class of modeling and simulation challenges facing the Department of Defense. (ASC/HP Apr 05)

That’s no soda machine . . . it’s a supercomputer.

Get it, like the line “That’s no moon, that’s a space…” [sigh]

raising dork flag……slowly……again


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