This post is classified … ]] SECRET [[

… and you can be too!

That’s correct, Andy recevied his shirt and it looks great. So, without further ado, here is a link to my store. It will be on the right as well.

Here’s a sample Ringer T, both front and back. Click for a better look.

The logo is an “actual” government secret sticker, which with some intricate GIS work can be found. But, instead of looking for it yourself, buy a product and flaunt it around.

I think the stuff is all pretty cool and you will be impressed with the quality of the printing and the products. If you’ve never bought from cafepress, you’re in for a treat.

And, as promised, here are the formal request docs I received for a free T-Shirt. The person that sent these has also received his shirt, but I can’t disclose any more about him. The sum total is, this is the proper way to submit your request for a free T-Shirt to celebrate the relaunch of my site.

First, submit a letter requesting the T-Shirt, similar to this, but in triplicate….

Second, submit a formal memo according to the spec outlined in Air Force Manual 33-326, Chapter 3. It too must be submitted in triplicate. Here is an example..

Finally, depending on what information you choose to include in the letter/memo, please choose one of these three cover sheets to preface your submission.

Also, check this out. This guy took the recent Google patent apart and delimited how Google is running their ranking system. It’s a really interesting list.

Until then…


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