It’s a GIRL!!!!

I realize that it has been nearly forever since my last post, but I have been pretty busy and will give you the rundown right now.

First, and foremost: Emma Leigh Heacock was born on 1/1/06 @ 2:35AM. She weighed 7lb8oz and was 20in long.

My wife and I are very very excited, and not just because she’s the prettiest baby in the whole world. She was the first birth of the year in Noblesville, and we even got a story printed about in in the local newspaper! is where you can read the article for yourself.

The labor was very trying for Jaime, but she was simply amazing and refused to give up regardless of how tired she was. She was in labor for 29 hours. That’s not a typo, it’s twenty-nine alright. Our doctor was in New York due to family concerns, and Jaime had to basically sit and endure 5 hours of hard contractions with virtually no hope of moving forward. She was so exhausted, but she perservered. We ended up doing everything short of a Cesarian section, even though that team was standing by, ready to operate.

All in all, it was totally worth it, and she would say that more emphatically that I would. She is the most beautiful thing that we have ever seen, and we are honored that God blessed us with her…

You can see pics ongoing right here:

I also want to mention that the Nurses and facilities at Riverview Hospital here in Noblesville were simply amazing. They were very very good at their jobs and made everything just about as smooth as possible. It is such a comfort to know that there are some very smart people one call away. Sum total, I highly recommend Riverview if you’re looking for a great facility to give birth..

So, that’s the big news.

Here’s some other news…

My Grandmother just had some major surgery to remove some cancer that was discovered. It was a really tough time for her, but she’s been doing better and better, and recently moved to a managed care facility near my parent’s place. She’ll only be there for a bit, she won’t need full time care for any real length of time, but the doctors wanted her watched to be sure that she was safe and taken care of. Apparently she has been doing much better than expected, and might get to go home even sooner. If you would add her to your prayer chains, it would be great!! She has also expressed major interest in getting plugged back into Church and rediscovering who God is and His plans for her. I’m so excited for her, so pray for that too!!!

I’m still doing the MBA program, and I’m almost halfway through. It seems like I just got started yesterday or something. It’s going really well, and I’m learning tons. There’s a whole different vibe to Master’s programs, and it’s a vibe that I really dig. You definitely get what you want out of it.

Also, I’ve pretty much abandoned Guild Wars. I finally caved and bought World of Warcraft. If you have any interest in the Legend of Zelda style RPG games, but are also intrigued with the idea of being in a world with not only a ton of computer characters, but also a ton of real humans, you should definitely check it out. It is really really immersive and you can get lost in the seemingly hundreds of story lines. I’m more of a straightforward quester, not so much interested in the story lines, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. There are some pretty major differences between WoW and GW, but the biggest difference is that Guild Wars doesn’t have any quests that are done outside of instances.

What’s an instance?

Basically, the massive multiplayer games breakdown into two segments, even within the same game.

There are areas that are shared between all the people on the server. You can think of these as a public park. There is one and only one public park, and if you want to go there, you will have to contend with any others that might want to go there as well.

The pros: There will be other people around to help you play volleyball, or throw a frisbee.

The cons: You might not be able to get onto the swingset or into the pool due to the crowds at that time.

There are other areas that are basically turned on for every group individually. They’re called instances, because a new instance of that area is spawned for each group that enters that area. This guarantees that the area isn’t affected by any other players. You can think of these as movies in a theater. Everyone has to go to a theater to see the movie, but two people can see the same movie in two different theaters and not be affected by either.

The pros: You can plan for exactly what you want to do, and you don’t have to worry about someone else swooping in and stealing your quest objective

The cons: Due to the nature of the instance, they are much more difficult than the normal quests withing the game. It’s also difficult to find a quick pickup to run an instance

In Guild Wars, every single questing zone is instanced, with a limit of the number of players. Compared to WoW, you are much more limited with regards to strategy…

Anyway, I have a bunch of friends from work and we all login together and play when we can. It’s been a while, due to Emma’s arrival, but I will login again someday… 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to get back to this, as I hope I will have more and more worth sharing!!

Thanks for all the prayers for Emma and us, and have a Happy New Year!!!!!!


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