Still going!

Another day is passed! Emma’s still alive and kicking, and we are loving her more than ever. That’s always good, I figure…

We had a home nurse stop by the house today. Riverview sends a nurse out after a couple of days to answer any additional questions you might have after having the kid home for a couple nights. She was super nice and very very helpful. She layed a bunch of concerns to rest regarding all the little stuff that we have seen. Basically, as a new parent, every little new thing, no matter how minor it may seem, is a concern until someone smarter than you gives you the old “no problem”.

The sum total is that everythings great and getting better. Emma’s gained 2 oz, which means that breastfeeding is going swell. Moreover, Jaime is healing very well and her treatment is definitely helping.

My mom, dad, and sister came up for a visit today. They just loved seeing Emma, and she was in a great, alert mood. She was wide eyed and looking around until they all settled in and Emma slowly nodded to sleep. The family arrived right between feedings at nearly perfect timing, and got to spend a couple solid hours with the little princess. Dad took some pictures of the visit and they are posted to the photoalbum site already (

We’ve been trying to keep track of Emma feedings/changings etc. It’s helpful when trying to establish a more concrete schedule in the future. To that end, I ran across a handy piece of software called Baby Manager made by Babble Soft (

We haven’t really used it yet, but it has a pocketPC interface that basically reduces to pushing buttons when you start/stop feeding, and it calucates the duration and logs the details. It does the same thing for diaper changes as well, only without duration. It seems really handy and automatically syncs with the Windows version do you can prepare reports and see what schedule works best for mom/baby.

If your nursing, you should check it out and post some feedback here. Also, if anyone has seen any better software, especially one with a pocketPC interface, let me know!

Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. Doug says:

    Wow she’s BEAUTIFUL!
    Congrats Chris what a wonderful way to start the new year.

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