First Dr. Appointment


It’s been a fun couple of weeks, and we got to take Emma to the doctor today to see if we’d screwed her up.

The doctor’s exact words were “She’s perfect.”, so I guess we’re in the clear!!

I head back to work on Monday, so please pray for the big change as Jaime will be solo during the day, and I will be worried the whole time. 🙂 In all seriousness, Jaime is an awesome mom, and I don’t worry about her doing a great job, I just worry because I’m a natural “fixer” and I have a hard time taking my hands off of a situation…

So, pray for us as we go back to our almost normal lives.

We’re going to go to Church this Sunday, which should be a really fun time!! We were gonna go last week, but Saturday was pretty rough and we didn’t want to take her just to have to calm her the whole time. Now we’re starting to get the hang of it a bit, and we’re ready to give Church a go.

I’ve been posting pictures as much as I can, but we have been more focused on spending time with her than taking snapshots. More will come though as we get more settled and she really starts growing.

Speaking of growing, she weighed in at 8lb. 5oz. today!! That’s 1lb. 5oz. more than her weight when she was released from the hospital. She’s really feeding well, and Jaime’s nothing short of a pro at breastfeeding. We’re going to start pumping a bit soon, then I’ll be able to bottle feed her and give Jaime a break.

We had a nice laundry list of questions for the doc today, and he patiently answered them all. He’s such an awesome doctor. If you live on the northside and are looking for a great doctor, I highly suggest Dr. William Wunder. He runs a family practice, and has been like a good friend before/since the delivery. He actually stopped by our room to share a story about double deliveries he had to do last night. He also noted that both of them added together were easier than ours. 🙂

So, we’re still trucking and she’s still growing. Keep on praying for us and if you would like to come visit, just let me know. If you need my contact info, shoot me an email from the contact tab.

Now, on to the mundane business of free time….

I’ve been playing only a bit of World of Warcraft, and usually in short spurts. It’s still fun and it’s a nice stress reliever to focus my brain on something else.

When I first started, a buddy from work, Don, brought me up to speed about the power of addons within the User Interface (UI) of the game. Basically, you can load some little tools that are written by various people to aid you in certain tasks within the game. They help you to overcome many of the annoyances of the game that you find from the start, but some add functionality that the game simply doesn’t include out of the box.

I started with a packaged collection from Insomniax ( It was really good, but I noticed almost immediately certain things that I didn’t like. After Blizzard (the company that “owns” WoW) released some patches that basically screwed up the addons that had been working. You can think of it like a phone cord plugging into a wall. If the phone company came into your house and replaced all your phone jacks with new, differently shaped phone jacks, your phone service would still be available, but until you replaced your phone cords, you couldn’t use it.

Due to those changes, which broke most of the addons and caused lots of in-game errors related to the UI, I started tinkering with the individual addons, instead of a collection.

I slowly whittled the collection down to the individual addons, and figured out what each one of the did. From there, I was able to remove many of the addons that added to value to my gaming experience, and also added a few that I really love.

Sum total, I now maintain a fully customized addon collection of 90+ addons that all do different things that I really couldn’t live without. 🙂

If you click on the WoW addons tab above, you can see the latest collection that I am using. I maintain the versions as I update/test/validate them, and I do that almost weekly.

Anyway, have a great weekend, and I’ll catch up with you all later!!!

Oh, Andy, I got your phone call and email, thanks for the contacts and I’ll ping you next week sometime.

Thanks everyone for your patience!!!!


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