First “real” bath

We gave Emma her first real bath today in the sink. It went pretty well and was a treat for all of us. She smells really good now, and we bundled her up so she could warm back up. We adults really take our ability to retain warmth for granted. 🙂

Also, I posted some more pics on the photoalbum ( We got some shots of the bath, so you can see for yourself how much fun we had. Jaime did a great job of protecting Emma’s modesty, so I didn’t have to blur any baby bits out of the pictures. 🙂

Finally, I thought I’d post the Q&A that we had with our doctor on Friday for your perusal. Maybe someone’s had similar questions and here’s what our doctor said. Comment if you’ve heard otherwise, or have any good followups….

Q: When can we begin to cut her nails instead of filing? Tips or tricks?

A: You can cut her nails as soon as you need to, but you should be careful not to get her skin in there with the clippers. Scissors might be helpful if clippers are too tricky to see the detail of her nails.

Q: How often should we bathe; when can we use a baby bath instead of the sponge bath?

A: (Her cord fell off at about day 6) If her cord is healed, which it is, you could start immersion bathing whenever you want. You shouldn???t need to bathe any more than every other day.

Q: Should we begin a feeding schedule now?

A: No. It would be best to let her tell you when it???s time to feed. She might be on a natural schedule anyway. Trying to force her to times will be frustrating for her and you. After a couple more weeks, you can ???nudge??? her to different times, but a schedule needs to make itself.

Q: She has started to choke while feeding. We read that this is normal due to an aggressive letdown, is there anything we could do in the short term?

A: Totally normal and she will learn how to breathe while eating as she grows. Nothing to do but wait???

Q: When we can use soap and/or lotion on her whole body?

A: Everywhere but the face. Her face might be effected by clogs if you use lotion, but the rest of her body is completely soap/lotion ready. Just remember to use a mild soap. Baby magic or the like???

Q: How long should we breastfeed before introducing a bottle?

A: This really depends. There is no set start/end date, just decide what you want to do and do it. It might be easier for her to take a bottle at some point if you start it earlier, rather than later.

Q: When should Jaime start pumping?

A: See above answer…

Q: When should we move to formula?

A: When Jaime starts back to work, plan a couple of weeks in advance to start weaning her off breast milk and onto formula. That should make the transition much easier than a rapid cutover.

Q: Should we expect her to be more and more alert? If so, should we just hold her until she falls asleep? She???s not very ???interactive???.

A: There???s no need to hold her every minute she???s awake. Be sure that you have time to bond, but you can absolutely put her in her crib, or in a bouncy seat. It will help her to learn to self soothe without the constant contact of mom and/or dad.

Q: Any warnings/concerns about taking her out of the house? Errands? Visits? Restaurants?

A: Being flu season, you should be wary of taking her somewhere where many people will be touching/holding her. Unless it???s zero degrees or something, she should be fine to go outside for small amounts of time. I wouldn???t take her to an outdoor sporting event in the winter if you can avoid it. Breastfeeding goes a long way in illness prevention, so she???s tougher than you think. However, I wouldn’t take her to visit people at a workplace until she’s a month old.

Q: Best way to burp?

A: Your burping style (milkshake -or- patting her back while she???s sitting and leaning forward) is totally fine. Some babies will burp once and be good, some babies will never burp until they spit up. You might burp for 20 minutes to no avail, then you set her down and she spits. All of it will become more regular as she grows, so just burp her however you can and bide your time.

There you go!!


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