Back to Church

Well, we all went to Church today. It was the 2 week anniversary of Emma’s birth, and we figured she was ready to give Church a try.

She was great. She ate about an hour before we left, and slept / soothed herself the whole time. She enjoyed the music and such, or at least it didn’t bother her enough to fuss. We even had time to grab some Hardee’s for lunch and bring it home before she woke up with some hunger.

All in all, it was great to get another taste of the real world. It’s always good to see those folks that were praying for you the whole time, and give them the chance to see the fruits of those prayers. Obviously, everyone found her adorable and oooohed and aaaahed for several minutes as they stopped by our pew. Definitely a good time.

We had a nice afternoon, and are getting prepared for my heading back to work next week. Jaime’s got things squared away and I’m excited for her to realize it this week. Keep on praying as we take another step toward normalcy. šŸ™‚

Also, maybe you haven’t heard, but the Colts lost…again… šŸ˜

Jaime and I were watching the game and saying, “This looks familiar”. Sure enough, a stellar season followed by a horrid performance in the playoffs. They almost pulled it out with a lucky fumble at the last minute. The Vanderjagt kicks what was perhaps the worst field goal I’ve ever seen. It was about 100 yards right and had about the same chance to split the uprights as if he’d used a bat.

So, bummer of a day for the Colts, but a good day for the Heacocks…

I’m sure I’ll have some good posts going forward as we get underway with a working stiff leaving every day. Stay tuned and I’ll catch you later…


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