As you should have noticed by now, I have overhauled the old blog. In an effort to drive my attention towards this silly thing, I upgraded it to the latest offering by WordPress. WordPress is the blogging software that I use and I really like it. The issue with upgrading was all the custom work I had done to the version that I was running.

Luckily, all that stuff is integrated into the main software now, so it was no concern going forward. I also went with a new theme just to get a change of pace. My wife and I looked at several and finally decided that this was the best one.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled, because there are some things that I would like changed about this latest theme.

So, what’s happened lately…

Well, Emma is now officially over a month old. It really has gone by blindingly fast. I know that people say that all the time. But just looking over her newborn photos makes me notice just how much she has changed in this short amount of time.

She’s still doing great, and she’s almost 10 pounds. She had her 1 month Doctor’s visit and she left with a clean bill of health. The doctor said she was eating great, and growing just perfect.

Jaime also got a clean bill of health and can resume completely normal activity with no restriction. This was good news as the doctor originally thought at least 6 weeks. Lucky for us, she’s an overachiever, so she shaved 33% of her recovery time right off.

Finally got settled back into the grind that is the working world. The time is really flying by these days, but I’m getting enough rest to make it through the days and still be productive.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. There are days where I could close my eyes and be asleep before my face smashed into my keyboard. But all in all, it’s really working out great.

Jaime and I are using a system that we hoped would work per our pre-birth-of-the-baby conversations.

Basically, I, being a natural night owl, stay up until 2 to 3ish and tend to the princess so that Mommy can get some rest during that time. After her 12:00ish feeding, I get her back to sleep and I go to bed. This usually brings us to around 1:30am-2:00am. When she cries for her ~4am feeding, Jaime takes that one after getting, hopefully, >5 hours of continuous sleep. I then sleep from the 2:00ish bedtime until I get up for work around 6:30ish. Well, I don’t get up at 6:30, but my alarm goes off then… So, I get up about 8:00am and get myself ready to go…

What else…

I did get to go back and practice/play with the praise team last Sunday. It was great to get back into that as well, especially with a new year/new start to the worship teams. It will be really fun when March rolls around and my team is back on.

I blogged a while back about Mark coming back to Thomson. Well, that tour of duty is over as he is now back at his previous employer. Thomson is divesting some more of their portfolio of consumer electronics, and being employed there less than a year, wasn’t willing to take the risk of a layoff. He’ll be sorely missed as he was a tremendous asset to the team, not to mention a great friend. Wish him well in his new/old career.

I’m still playing World of Warcraft, though much more sporadic than previously. As Emma is awake more and more, my spans of time shrink less and less. I did get a comprehensive list of all my plugins put together. You can find it by clicking on the header at the top of page. It’s under “My WoW Addons”, duh.

That’s all for now. Have a great week all!!!


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  1. Doug says:

    Good stuff!
    Nice Theme.
    Now back to WoW….

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