Friggin’ groundhog…

My goodness, it seems like we’ve had 10 months of winter…

It’s March, for Pete’s sake, and it was 30 degrees today on my way into work. I’m definitely ready for some warmer weather. I know that Emma’s itching to get outside and play, even though she’s only 9 weeks… 🙂

Seriously though, she has been growing like a weed since we brought her home. It’s a good thing that we take so many pictures, because you forget about the little one you brought home so fast. We got a footprint cast today as a gift from the hospital. It as a trip to think that her feet were so small just 2 months ago. I’ve always heard people say, “They grow so fast!!,” and I always rolled my eyes and thought, “I’ll bet they do…” Turns out that they really do grow freakin’ fast.

I’ve been really lax in getting this blog current, but it’s been a lot of the same really..

We did have our first big outing with the kid this last weekend. We drove the 1:15 to Martinsville and saw both sets of parents, and my Grandparents (Jaime’s Grandparents are all in Florida right now). It was a really fun day and went a lot better then either myself or Jaime expected. We figured she would be a holy terror the whole time and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy ourselves. She only got fussy a couple of times and was quickly calmed and really had a fun time. We know that the respective family members really enjoyed getting to spend time with her without having to drive up here.

It was also nice to get some photojournalism of Emma and her Great-grandparents. We are excited to get as many photos as possible so when she gets older, we can show her pictures of some people that she might not remember…time is a commodity that you just can’t count on…

What’s interesting about this whole child thing is how you look back and think, “I’ve been a dad for two months now.” Then you think, “I cannot believe I’m one of those people that I couldn’t imagine being just a few years back.”

Seriously, I didn’t get a crash course or have to pass a test. You bring the kid home and you’re being a dad. It’s such a trip to think of the supposed “experts” like my parents, or friends from Church with older kids having their first experience being so similar and just going with the flow until you’ve suddenly raising a teenager. Whoa!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself I suppose, we’re not out of the woods just yet. As I write this, Emma’s crying on and off trying to get to sleep. I speak for Jaime and I when I say that we are definitely looking forward to leaving the insane crying sprees behind us as she gets a bit older.

I wish I could remember what drove me at that age to cry, but I’m certain that it was something silly, like “I’m crying too loud, I’m going to cry about it.” Crazy kids…

On a less important, more nerdy note, I finally hit level 60 (max level) in World of Warcraft. I actually got to participate in my first-ever endgame instance the other night, and it was a truly a mess. I realized that planning a group of 40 people who are all over the world can be daunting, even with the best of intentions.

Well, that’s all for now…


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