R.I.P. Confident Conservatism

I wrote this for our family newletter to fill some extra space. I’ll repost it here for the 6 of you that read this regularly. šŸ™‚

I?m not sure who follows the world of
politics, but if you don?t, you might want to
pay a bit of attention these days.
After the most recent elections, the Democrats
now control the house and Senate.
These folks were voted into power, fair and
square, so there is no problem with them
holding their respective offices.

The real issue here is why they were
elected in the first place. The 2004 elections
showed a conservative America that
many people doubted was still in existence.
Many evangelical Christians, combined with
both moderate and far right conservatives
banded together to send a message that
ultra-liberalism is not what America is all

I think that many ?confident conservatives?
felt great about the 2004 elections, or at the
very least I know I did. After that election, I
remember distinctly feeling that there was a
new America taking shape. This America
cared about people in need, cared about the
moral codes of our founding fathers, and
cared in some degree to have elected officials
that actually BELIEVED in what they
were doing and took some sort of stand.

As the Iraq war continues to drag on people
who thought that POTUS would command
and conquer began doubting. People
started talking about another Vietnam.
People started suggesting ulterior motives
combined with a slipping of traditional conservative
values. All this led to a terribly
low presidential approval rating. From
there, America said that the Democrats,
who had moderated themselves a good deal
since the Kerry fiasco, were the only possible
hope on getting us back on track to a
nation without fear.

Never mind that Iran wants us dead.
Never mind that we have negotiated with
terrorists in North Korea. America has
forgotten about the atrocities that pacifism
and appeasement have led to in the past.
When I think of the hardships that our
grandparents endured to secure America
from all-encompassing fascism and I see
how our resolve to finish what we?ve
started has dissolved, I feel ill.

I don?t believe that America needs to be a
world policeman. However, if America has
the ability to help an unjust situation be
rectified, and at the same time build a governing/
policing body in a lawless area, then
we should, nay we must, do it.

This concept garners much hatred from
the left because we should stay in our own
lane, according to them. They are happy to
sit in their ivory American tower while
poor people all over the world are suffering
unspeakable atrocities at the hands of evil.
This is the ?no business of ours? idea, and it
leads to destruction.

Pacifists exist to exterminate themselves.
Think about it. Given enough time, those
who refuse to fight for anything will be destroyed.
We must bear this in mind when
we consider what Islamo-fascists desire in
this world. Militant, terrorist Muslims believe
that all non-believers must succumb to
1) Conversion to Islam, 2) Slavery to Islam,
or 3) Death at the hands of Islam.

These rules are promulgated from religious
beliefs and when combined with the
directive of lying and deceiving nonbelievers
to accomplish these goals, appeasement
becomes an exercise in futility,
just as it was with Hitler.

Conservatives need to remember that just
because a war hasn?t gone as everyone expected,
we must remember why we do
what we do. As long as our government
continues to issue ?non-binding? resolutions
stating publicly that we are a house divided,
we can expect the enemy never to relent.

Abraham Lincoln was onto something
when he said, ?A house divided against itself
cannot stand.? Stay confident conservatives!
Trust in the fact that absolute morality does
exist and with God?s help, we can make
America a place worth being proud of, and
especially a place worthy of Soldiers? sacrifice.

God bless America!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. arctic says:

    I wanted to respond so much, I made a profile.

    Just wanna make a few points:

    “This America cared about people in need”
    We voted for a guy because he didn’t want to let boys marry boys. He worked really hard to make sure that was the defining point of the election.

    ” cared about the moral codes of our founding fathers”
    In fact, the majority of our founding fathers were pagans and Masons, a number of them were notorius sluts, and both Ben Franklin and George Washington can be shown by historical texts to have been pot farmers. Not hemp, but the stuff people smoke. Just so we’re clear on the moral codes they may have held.

    As far as the rest goes, Iran wanting to kill us, Islam only wanting three things, etc., I kinda have to agree with you.
    There are almost definately Iranians who want us dead (I’ve never met any, so I can’t say definately, can you?) but the leadership of the country is mostly the more peaceful group of Islam, the ones who believe it’s wrong to hurt people. That’s why they don’t like us. It’s also why their army hasn’t made any moves against us (weapons suppliers having not yet been shown to be Iranian, but rather Saudi).
    They just want us to go home.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Even if they didn’t have anything to do with the terrorist attacks on 9/11, we were in the area. I’m a big fan of grouping trips together, especially when it’s far away, and with lots of people. It’s great to remove a corrupt dictator from power. Maybe we should have done that the first time we went over there, in 1991. But we didn’t. Why? Maybe because Bush the First didn’t want to kill his old friend. I couldn’t say. We just had no business sticking around. We took out the head, at that point we should have let them hash it out among themselves. I suspect they’d be done by now if we had. There would almost certainly been fewer civilian causalties.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting. I love political debate.

    I can’t speak for any “we”, nut I can tell you I voted for him not because of his stance on gay marriage, which I personally am indifferent about, but because of his strong stance on combating terrorism. With the additional polls that were taken in some states, it was evident that gay marriage did strike a chord in much of the voting populous.

    With regards to our founding fathers, I don’t corral them into any religious pools, simply moral ones. Even the “pagans” and “Masons” had a moral standard that we have drifted far away from. Moreover, no person is 100% moral. I try my best to live by a code or morality, but I fall short several times. If one were to dig for dirt on me, there would be a treasure trove of hypocrisy, but it wouldn’t be a regular occurrence, or certainly not one that I would be proud of. With regards to growing or even smoking their pot regularly, good for them. If there was no law preventing it, I say smoke away.

    I would love to see a marijuana legalized in today’s world. If someone can drink themselves to stupid, then smoke a few packs of cigarettes, what’s the impending doom of pot. But alas, it is still illegal, and law is something that should be respected and changed if necessary. It shouldn’t be optional for those that disagree.

    I’m a bit confused about why you would think the leadership of Iran is the most peaceful group in Iran. Ahmadinejad, the current President held a conference that supposed the holocaust is a lie (http://english.aljazeera.net/news/archive/archive?ArchiveId=17019), and regularly calls for the destruction of Israel. He did reach out to POTUS regarding some talks, but admitted his letter was a recruitment to Islam, the only way to justice (http://www.irna.ir/en/news/view/line-24/0605110155191821.htm). This sort of pedagogy is highly destructive, as history has proven.

    Leaving Iraq immediately would have left that broken nation wide open to fascist takeover without check. Whereas the US does it’s very best to avoid injuring/killing non-combatants, the fascist takeover groups would have no issue annihilating anyone in their way. There would have been peace, but on their terms, just like Taliban achieved in Afghanistan.

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