Emily Jeanne Heacock

Grandma JeanneMy grandmother, Emily Jeanne Heacock, passed away March 1st at 8:00AM. She had fallen ill a while ago with cancer, but refused to stop enjoying life. She passed very peacefully and I am so excited that she is in Jesus’ loving arms right now.

I can’t tell you the relief that comes from knowing where my grandma is. She’s not “just gone”, nor is she only alive “in our hearts”. She’s alive! She’s praying for all of us right now, just like Jesus has been doing since before we were born. She knew Christ, and she knew Him as her savior. That means that she will be right there when the rest of us believers shuffle of this mortal coil. As my mother told me this morning, “Save us a seat at the table, we’ll be right behind you…”

She was an amazing woman with an amazing history, and I am proud to have known her. She had seven kids, all of which were there when she went home to Jesus. I can only hope that when my time comes, I can handle it with 10% of the grace and dignity that she had.

Grandma Jeanne and EmmaWe were lucky enough to get to spend some final moments with grandma during our last trip a couple weeks back. She was still able to talk just fine, and was fully aware of who we were and why we were there. It was so nice to get to share one last visit with grandma, and it’s something that I’ll always treasure. I thank the Lord that she was able to see just about everyone in her family before she headed out. While she was here, she was a great/grand/mother, better yet a matriarch for the Heacock clan, and she wanted to be sure that everyone and everything was settled in place before she breathed her last.

It is almost as if she was fully aware that death was near, but she was not afraid in the least. She acted as if she was taking a trip to Europe or something. How could someone facing death nose to nose be so at peace? Simple! She knew that death holds no power over her. Sure, death took her body, but that’s it. That’s all death is allowed to take, and she knew it full well. She had all of her post-passing business arranged to a T, just like you’d expect her to have. She waited until her last child was there before she passed away.

Grandma JeanneThat’s right. It wasn’t luck for my uncle Rob. It was grandma holding on to see that he was taken care of. She would not have him feel guilty for having a delayed flight. She would not have him upset over missing his mother’s last breaths. She waited, and fought, so he could see her. Once he was there, she opened her eyes and smiled, using the very last bit of lucidity left in her I’m sure.

Then she was ready to be done with this old earth. She had lived a spectacular life, raised spectacular kids, and now had finally gotten the very last thing squared away. Just 6 hours later, she was with God, and left death behind forever.

Before I close this, here are the lyrics to a gospel song called Gloryland, made famous by Ralph Stanley. If you can’t find the comfort that I have through faith, perhaps these lyrics will inspire you to get yourself close to God. Hope lies within…

If you have friends in Gloryland,
Who left because of pain
Thank God up there, they’ll die no more
They’ll suffer not again.

Then weep not friends, I’m goin’ home
Up there we’ll die no more
No coffins will be made up there
No graves on that bright shore

The lame will walk in Gloryland
The blind up there will see
The deaf in Gloryland will hear
The dumb will talk to me

The doctor will not have to call
The undertaker, no
There’ll be no pain up there to bear
Just walk the streets of gold

We’ll need no sun in Gloryland
The moon and stars won’t shine
For Christ Himself is light up there
Pure rays of love divine

Then weep not friends, I’m goin’ home
Up there we’ll die no more
No coffins will be made up there
No graves on that bright shore

I love you grandma, and I can’t wait to see you again! Until then…

-Grandson of Emily Jeanne Heacock

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  1. Jaime says:


  2. Peggy Holzworth (Chris' mother-in-law) says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma Jeanne. I told you dad and mom and Aunt Linda how she always made me feel welcomed and special whenever I was around her. She was always interested in the person she was talking to.
    You have articulated the Christian faith. . .the faith your Grandma Jeanne knew to be true. . .so well. It’s a gift to be able to express verbally what you know in your heart. You are a blessing to me and Whitey because we know you are living out your Christian faith in your marriage, in your fatherhood with Emma, in your work place, and with your extended family and friends.
    We love you.

  3. Rick and Terry says:

    What a special tribute to a very special person in all of our lives….we are so very proud of the man you have become…Grandma Jeanne knew that to be true as well and loved you so much…The love and grace that grandma Jeanne shared with all of us is a standard that we all will try to live up to. She would not want any fanfare or attention drawn to her but we know that she, through her life, shows all of us what we should, or what we NEED to do. Grandma Jeanne LIVED the life we need to live, and loved all of us. She makes us all envious that there is such a great place for us when God calls us. The emptiness is filled with mom’s love. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers . . .Rick and Terry

  4. Andrew says:

    I only met your grandma a few times, but she always made me feel like family. When I visited you and Jaime last and we went to that barbeque, she remembered my name and gave me a hug and kiss just like I was always a Heacock. I have no doubt she’ll do the same when I see her again…

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!! I know I will miss her, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. I suppose I will be awfully fond of seeing Grandma Jeanne again!!

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