Payback is a … well, you know

Chris has given me permission to blog here when I feel like it, so here you go.

The past few days have been full of bumps, bruises and scrapes around the Heacock household. For Emma and me, specifically. Allow me to explain.

It all started on Thursday when Emma and I were taking Norbert outside. Norbert was out doing his business when some girls walked by, distracting him and making him bark. At the same time, Emma wanted to be walking around, so I had put her down. I looked away from her for two seconds to tell Norbert to stop barking, and when I looked back she had stepped down one of the two small steps from our porch. I was telling her to be careful and reaching for her when she lost her balance and fell down the remaining step, hitting the side of her face on the concrete sidewalk. The result was a few minor scrapes on her forehead and by her left eye.

THEN, on Friday, Emma was wearing a cute little dress. We were on our way to the car to go to Wal-Mart. When we got out on the porch, Emma, remembering yesterday’s mishap, held my hand as she gingerly went down the steps. Once we got out to the asphalt, though, she dropped her hand and just stood still. I walked forward a few steps and asked her to follow. She smiled and took off running. She only made it a few steps when she fell down, hands and knees first, on the blacktop. She scraped her left knee.

THEN, later on Friday, Emma and I were playing in the third bedroom. She was sitting on my desk chair while I was spinning her. She tried to reach out and put something on my desk, and she reached too far and fell, head first, to the floor. It scared her more than anything.

I felt horrible about each of these incidents. I know things like this happen with toddlers, but I still felt bad, like it was my fault. My guilt was nearly erased by two MORE incidents on Saturday. This time, though, I was the one on the receiving end of the bruises.

I don’t know how it happened, exactly, but Emma and I were playing on Saturday morning, and she head-butted me in the mouth, giving me a nice fat lip. It went away after a while. Then, in the afternoon, she and I were playing on the floor. She was sitting on my lap, facing away from me, and I hugged her. We fell over as I was tickling her when her head reared back. She hit me right on that bone just above the outside of my left eye with the hard part of the back of her head. It swelled, and today I have a pretty nice shiner.

Ah, the life of a mom and a toddler.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not a “karma” guy, but that’s about the closest you can get to it I suppose. Good thing Emma’s built like a tank. 🙂

    Nice first blog, btw..

  2. Andrew says:

    I don’t think you’re a horrible mother. Emma might, but I don’t.

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