Sorry…I’ve been busy and just checked the blog today. I’m a loser, you’re a winner. You’re good looking, I’m…not…attractive.

That’s probably one of the first movies we watched on that thing, although I’m not quite sure that I remember it costing FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! We were poor college students. I worked at a frickin hole-in-the-wall crappy restaurant just to pay the bills, and here you were living it up with your fancy-pants electronical equipment, speakers bigger than the wheels on my Skyhawk, and more wattage than the entire GPS constellation. Selfish…pure selfish πŸ˜‰

What I do remember is thinking how cool it was to have a *digital* system to watch movies, and how cool that uber-expensive optical cable was. Did it make a difference? I have no idea, but it was still really neato. What I remember more (unless it’s the same player and I’m having a brain fart) was the super-mega-DVD changer. Now THAT was totally unnecessary, but still completely cool.

We’re here at work watching “The Matrix” at 1am in the morning (0100 military time, 0700 Zulu), and I’m remembering the first time you and I saw it at the Terre Haute mini-plex. Great movie. That was just a few months before we graduated and I moved a million miles away. Now I’ve gone and made myself sad…

This reply is too long for a comment, but not distinct enough for its own post. I’ll blog here if you give me a topic to write on. Deal?


Ah … the good old days.

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  1. Chris says:

    Wrong! It is distict enough for it’s own post! πŸ™‚

    Seriously though. Your account is now an author, so have at you! Also, the changer you’re thinking of was a CD changer. The DVD changers hadn’t yet been manufactured, or I would have had that as well.

    Moreover, it must be noted that the only reason I had that silly DVD player is because of insurance monies from the BREAK IN! People are going to get the idea that I was selling drugs or something.

    Sure, the insurance money was received because the Laserdisc player that was stolen was worth ~$800, but who’s counting. πŸ™‚


  2. Chris says:

    Oh, and thanks for blogging! Keep up the good work…

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