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  1. Chris says:

    Okay it’s a deal, Andy.

    As an interesting note, Jaime refers to you and Andrew more and more. She’s one of those, “care what other people desire, and try to adhere to it” kind of people I suppose.

    I do, however, completely agree with you. I call Jaime sweetie all the time, it’s practically her name in my world view, and I don’t even notice it. It would be weird, I think, if I started calling her Jaime all the time. I would feel weird about saying it, and after a while she’d wonder why I’d ditched sweetie.

    As for you being Andy, it really is something that only you and I share. I’ll treasure it always and will become insanely jealous if some new guy started calling you that.

    Can you remember if you introduced yourself as Andrew or Andy? Did I just assume you used Andy, and it stuck? I don’t even remember how/when we were introduced, but I would wager it had something to do with computers or porn. 🙂 ah, college.


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