Sit down … Good girl

Tonight was the second Gymboree-sponsored date night. We dropped off Emma and went to see the movie Juno. It was fantastic. Excellent film. I highly recommend it. After the movie, we stopped and picked up food at Cupid’s Hot Dogs and took it to go, as we had to pick up Emma.

She had a great time. Stuck by her buddy, Kendyl, the entire time. She loves Kendyl so much. After we picked her up, she kept saying, “Kendyl Kendyl Kendyl Kendyl!” So funny. She keeps saying “up-ee-down” and “side-a-side.” They must have sung the Gymbo song at least once while she was there, as those things are in the song. She had me sing it for her a few times after we got home.

When we got home, we sat down in our chairs to quickly eat our dinners before putting Emma to bed. She rushed out of the room into the kitchen and hurried to the corner by the pantry, which is her normal pooping spot. We asked if she was pooping, and she said no. Normally, if you try to go into the kitchen when she’s doing her business she’ll say, “Bye-bye!” Or maybe, “Sowwy, sowwy (sorry, sorry)!” So I got up from my chair and said I was coming in there. She said, “Sit down!” So I walked back to my chair and sat. She could see me from her spot, and right after I sat down she said, “Good girl.” It was hilarious. Chris and I laughed so hard.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Doug says:

    I’m cracking up here.

    Adorable kid you got there.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Doug! gratz on your suprise second baby!!

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