Hump day!

Wednesday again, that means (for those that have been following the ol’ Blog) that I am sitting in class.

I still love this class, and am getting a bunch out of it. Suprisingly, I haven’t been too distracted, with the exception of the occasional blog, but have found the info rather concise and poignant.

However, right now there is a librarian talking about the ins and outs of the APA writing style and I couldn’t be less interested. She is reading us the text from the book that we already have, which I found boring during the inital read.

I still am dumbfounded with how much a simple thing like prayer can help get a class started in the right direction. God is truly in the small stuff.

I had lunch today with a few of Mark’s prior employees at his former employ. They were some really nice guys and seem to really enjoy doing what they’re doing. It shows when you experience their product, as well. Check out AuthorHouse ( and maybe buy a book or two.

I’ll be wrapping up now, but stay tuned … there are exciting things on the way. Comment if your curious… 😉


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