That’s why I haven’t blogged. Not because of time travel, not due to a recording contract, not even in protest of 40 hour work weeks. It was pure unadulterated laziness…

However, that’s all behind me. It’s a new day and I’m blogging like it’s 1999.

So, what’s been happening…

Emma’s 5.5 months old now. She couldn’t be any cuter and I just love her to death. She is doing all kinds of cool things now, not limited to: rolling over (both directions), moving in reverse, singing, screaming, crying, pooping, eating, laughing, and pooping. I mention pooping twice because she poops with more fervor and sheep prowess than all those other activities combined. Pictures are a-plenty and you can find the Photo Album link on the right…

Jaime is doing great. She loves being a mom more everyday, and she is darn good at it. It’s like she was born to be a mom and has always known exactly what to do. I am so proud of her! She has started working part time at the newspaper, which is where she worked prior to Emma’s arrival. She gets to work her own hours and full time from home and she’s making a great wage doing it! She’s really keeping busy though. She and Emma have been taking regular day trips to go shopping, grab some lunch, or maybe visit friends. Emma loves traveling (until she’s ready to go home) and usually puts on a good show for the various crowds.

Norbert is just great. He is still a dog. He is still very small.

I’ve been working/churching/babying/gaming with my time.

I recently went to California for some job interviews with Technicolor. They all went very well and I anticipate hearing back very soon.

I know, I know…

“Why do you want to move!?” – I’ll gladly tell you! With a large amount of truthiness, we don’t want to move. We love it here. We have good friends, a great church, great jobs, a great house, our family is close, and we can see snow periodically. There’s no compelling reason for us to move to California.

“Sooo, why are you even thinking about it?!” – I’ll gladly tell you! Three years ago, when things at Thomson in Indy were looking a bit bleak, I sought after a couple of positions in California. At the time, Jaime and I decided we would turn my career over to God and stop worrying about it. We prayed that if God wanted us to move to California, He would provide me a job out there, and take care of the moving/finances to facilitate our move. He chose not to do that, but we continued to pray.

“Why did you keep praying about it!?” – I’ll gladly tell you! I don’t know… 😛

So, that’s the scoop on Cali. I’ll post again when I hear one way or the other about my tentative migration westward.

I continue to play World of Warcraft in my spare time. It’s still pretty fun and they’ve been making a lot of big improvements in time for summer. The nerd in me loves the strategy, but the man in me loves the competition…what can I say?

I grow weary of this post…more to come.


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