Chipotle is good, but…

Just to stay awake at work on Saturdays our crew often finds interesting stuff to discuss. Today’s topic: “What’s the most calories you can find in a burger at a major restaurant chain?”

The winner: Hardee’s Monster Thickburger. Topping over 1400 calories is no small feat. Add fries and a drink, and you’re looking at just under 3000 calories for that meal.

This led us to look at our favorite foods elsewhere, which then led to Chipotle. Everybody loves Chipotle. It looks healthy, with fresh, all-natural ingredients.

Bottom-line: a normal burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, corn and tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream — 1279 calories. Cut out the cheese and sour-cream and it’s still 1049 calories. We were all completely surprised. Add a soda to that meal, and it’s worse than most burger-and-fry meals at any chain. (Check your favorite Chipotle creation here).

I’m sure this isn’t news to many people, but I thought I’d share anyways. Typing keeps me awake, even if you just say “meh” to guest writers…


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  1. Chris says:

    Yikes! I’d heard that the monster thickburger had the record for fast-food mega-calorie eating. I hadn’t ever thought of a fresh-style place like Chipotle as having such tremendously calorie laden food.

    Makes you wonder about some sit-down restaurants, where you actually get the multi-course treatment. I’ll bet there somewhere where a reasonable appetizer/meal/dessert w/ drinks can break 10,000 calories.

    “I’ll have the ‘Five Digit’ special please1”


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