Our little pottigy

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I never would have believe that Emma, our cute little almost-21-month-old, could/would be able to use a potty by herself. But, just to show me what’s what, she did just that this evening! That’s right, folks. Emma peed all by herself on her own little potty this evening!

This past weekend after a bath, Emma was, well, playing with herself differently than I’d ever seen her before. I asked her if she needed to potty, and she said yes. She kept saying, “Pah-yee, pah-yee.” So I took her out of the tub, naked and still wet from the bath, and hovered her over the toilet. She got nervous, so I just wrapped her up with the towel and ran her into her room to get her in a diaper, in case she really did need to do something that I didn’t want to get all over the floor or myself.

We decided it was a good idea to go ahead and get her a little potty, so that way she could get used to the idea of it. I picked it up on Monday. It plays music when something goes in there, but it also doubles as a step-stool.

So any time Emma says “pah-yee” (which I’ve figured out she usually does after she’s just peed in her diaper), off we go to the bathroom. She sits down on the potty, and immediately starts rubbing her hands together like she’s washing them. She is loving washing her hands in the sink.

So tonight we were getting ready to put her to bed, and she said it again. So I rushed her in the bathroom. She was on the potty, I was sitting on the floor next to her, and Chris was standing in the doorway. She wanted to close the door for privacy (no daddies watching, please), but she wanted me to stay in there. After fighting with her to stay ON the potty and do her business for a few minutes, she sat there and I heard a glorious little tune come from beneath her. I couldn’t believe it (I’m tearing up just retelling this…am I a mess or what?!), so I yelled for Chris, who had walked away for a second. We praised the heck out of her, and she washed her hands, and off to bed she went.

Just wanted to share a little tale of my genius baby with you all. I just love being a mommy. And with a kid like Emma, it just makes it even better.

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