Hey internets, what's happening?

Not too much on my end, really.  Since I last blogged, let’s see here, I’ve…

  1. Quit my job in California
  2. Got a new job in Indiana
  3. Moved to Indiana
  4. Moved back in w/ my parents
  5. Celebrated the holidays in Indiana with family
  6. Looked for a house
  7. Bought a house
  8. Moved into a house
  9. Sold a car
  10. Bought two cars

Needless to say, we’ve been rather busy and the server that I run the blog on has been offline for a rather long time, but I’m back baby!  I’ll try to get some pictures and stuff up when I can for posterity’s sake, but you can check my facebook profile out as I update it more often.


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